Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cards & Layouts

I had a really good time on Saturday night hanging out with Mum and some of the girls at Scrapnscrap. There weren't many of us, only 5 in fact! But we had a lovely time having a whole table each, a yummy bbq dinner and the ever so delish chocolate fondue! Yes girls, at these crops my diet goes out the door! Maybe that's why I went for an hour and a half walk last night???

Anyway, below are a couple of cards I made using Jo's scrap pieces of paper. I just love them! Very simple but cute nonetheless!

Normally I find it very hard to work with sketches but for some reason I felt quite relaxed and at ease playing around with them on Saturday. Perhaps I was just looking for something simple but something that suited my style. . .hmm, not really sure if I have one actually! But they felt just right on the night!

And I have to say I was quite pleased with myself that I finally got to use some of the MayaRoad felt shapes that I recieved in my Masters prize pack!

Below is my first layout for the crop. I'm not enitrely sure it's what I wanted but I was kinda just get warmed up.
Now this is one of my layouts. . .and I have to say I am really quite happy with it. It was about this time in the night that Mum had a go at me for never using any bling and I replied by telling her she sneezes all over her layouts with the stuff! But once again I found myself using sheet music. . .I just love the stuff! Oh and let's not forget that ever so yummy new Cosmo Papers I picked up at Daisies! And I finally managed to get rid of some of those off cuts that have been floating around my stash. Oh.oh.oh....And also I played around with some chippie from A2Z, my birdie is just too cute!

This next layout is from a sketch also but I can't for the life of me remember where the sketch came from, if you recognise it please let me know. Oh and a big thankyou to Jo for sharing her super cool paper with me! I love the trees!

Well that's it from me until next time! Well at least till the next kick up the butt I get from Miss Lisa!
Toni XX


Moonie said...

Well done Toni!!! Love your cards and your layouts are fantastic as usual!
Keep up the blogging GF!! It is so enjoyable! And we all like to be sticky beaks anyway.. x

KimA said...

Hi Toni - I think the sketch is a Studio Calico one from a few weeks ago. Great layouts