Thursday, July 23, 2009

I haven't forgotten to blog!!!

A big hid-ee-ho! No I haven't forgotten to blog but rather been inundated with home life since returning from Daisy Chain in Nambour on Sunday night. Mum and I had a wonderful time with Barbi and the girls and my classes (going from the feedback I recieved) were very well recieved.
But I was very quickly bought thundering back to earth when I arrived home to Jacob, Sariah, and Isaac all complaining of really bad toothaches! Hmm, kinda makes ya wanne turn right back around and come home when the aches settle. So needless to say we were off to the dentist for all 3 of them Monday lunchtime! It turns out that Jacob has infected sinuses so his pain isn't dental (go figure!), Sariah had a filling (now I gotta tell ya, this girls would lay there all day and let the dentist drill! She even started freaking the dentist out a little coz she was so comfortable!) and Isaac had to be rescheduled for later in the arvo for either an extraction or root canal. We went for the extraction given that he really doesn't like the dentist (I guess that apple didn't fall far from the tree!). So there's Monday umm. . . GONE!!!
Tuesday was doctors appointments for Jacob! Fast forward to 9.30pm and just when I go to put my butt in my scrapping chair the phone rang and we had a bit of an emergency with my dad which led to an ambulance trip and a VERY LONG night at the hopsital which saw us all getting home at 3.30am. Wednesday I dragged my tired chunky butt out of bed at 6.30 and got the kids off to school then taught at Embellished. Today I cleaned (including folding the Mount Everest of clothes that were piled up on the lounge!) I'm so proud of myself! lol! And then tomorrow I will be back off to the dentist with Jacob and Sariah and grocery shopping. And then Stephen, who has missed all this action on account of he went out of town on Monday and will arrive home tomorrow arvo! Pheeew, and who said life was boring!
Anyway, I promise to update tomorrow with pics and layouts, well that is once I have caught my breathe! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm teaching at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks in Nambour

I'm so excited to let you now that I'll be teaching at 2 classes at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks in Nambour on the 18th of July! I have to say that Barbi and the rest of the Daisy girls are just beautiful! Mum and I have attended their retreats for the past couple of years and can't help but keep going back not only for the "time out" but for the fabulous atmosphere that many have come to know at Daisy's. If you'd like to book in for my classes I know there are still a few places available so give Barbi a call and join us for a heap of fun!
This is a sneek peek of the OTP we'll be doing in the afternoon. It's something special for the home. Actually, this is a reminder that I have to visit Bunnings for some supplies for the class!
And this is a sneek peek at the layout we'll be doing in the morning. Lots of fun with acetate and felt. Hope you can come along for the fun!

A little layout sharing

I thought I'd share a few more of my layouts with you. Some have been taught as classes at Embellished and others are just my own home scrapping. I hope you enjoy!
The above layout was created using a new Crate Paper range. I think it's pretty safe to say that the orange tree paper is current paper!
Thanks for stopping by!

Feeling inspired

There's nothing quite like the excitement of building a new home to get the creative juices flowing! I bought these four rooster plaques from Spotlight about 5 years ago for $1each with the fullest of intention of hanging them up somewhere in the house, but clearly it was another one of those purchases that never went were it was intended and instead ended up in the back of my craft supplies cupboard.
So feeling all inspired to create an otp I started digging around figuring there had to be something in the depths of the great abis (that is my craft cupboard!) and bingo, there they were, just screaming for a little creative influence! So I've created a LOVE plaque that will either hang as you see them here or in a swag across the wall.

I just love it! Now don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm a creative genius or anything like that, but I just really like where they are going and the final finish of them. It seems like forever since I've gotten "crafty" so it was a real buzz.
Thanks for looking and please be sure to post a comment to let me know you stopped by! it's nice to know who visits me.