Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Girl

On a recent trip to Yeppoon Beach I was able to snap some pics of my oldest daughter Sariah. She is such a beautiful girl and apart from the usual, though not too often teenage attitude, she is a great source of comfort and support to me. I love her dearly and was thrilled to get these pics.
It's hard to imagine that she'll be 14 next week! She's growing into such a beautiful young woman and I'm extremely proud of her.

Exciting Op-Shopping!!

I haven't been into Vinnies in the longest time so I thought I'd have a poke through. I've had this urge to do a little off the page work and was so excited to find this cute little mirror and draw set, and it only cost $4!!! I was stoked! So now it's sitting in my scrapping area waiting for a little attention. I thought I'd do it up and give it to Sariah to use. I'll be sure to post the pics of the finished product.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

I found my MOJO!!!! Yipppeeeee!

After teaching at Embellished the other week I scooped up some of the new Crate Paper that had just arrived. ILOVE IT! I think it was just what I needed to get my mojo going again.

The poka dot scallops in the top layout are actually on a sheer background. I picked them up at the Expo and I'm kicking myself for not grabbing another one.

Ali also has just had a shipment of Autumn Leaves stamps which naturally I couldn't resist! I've used one of the border stamps around the edge of the cream centre (mmm, sounds so good I could eat it!). I think I have found my new favourite border stamp!

While I was chugging my way through the Expo crowd I found this cute chipboard border tree thingie and I had to have it! Once again, I'm kicking myself for not grabbing another! It's a very basic layout but I love that the photo is the main focus. The pic was taken by Sariah. She really has a talent for taking great pics of herself and others!

I really like this layout! As you can tell I'm quite the fan of those polkadot scallops! I even made a flower out of the scraps which left me feeling rather clever! Hannah is such a beautiful girl which makes scrapping all the more easier.
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Paper Craft Expo in Brisbane

Mum and I had never been to the expo before and were really pumped to have the opportunity to attend. We had the chance I meet Kristy and Cassie from the mag. Scrapbooking Memories. These girls a lovely and are so easy to chat with! I'm super pumped about the up and coming things they have planned for the magazine.

So amid and hustle and bustle of the expo (and trust me there is ALOT of it) we attended 4 classes. We did 2 of Lynette Carrol's, 1 with Zoe Pearn and one with Nicole Farrell. I can't say I learnt anything different but I had fun being on the recieveing end of the teaching and playing with some beautiful products.

All in all it was we had a great time and I'm already planning on bringing Sariah (my oldest daughter) with us next year.