Monday, August 24, 2009

Scrap Within Reach papers!

Aside from having a great time at Daisy Chain I had the opportunity to do a class with Angela Peardon from Addicted 2 Craft. In addition to the class we were given the new Carnival Ride range of papers from Scrap Within Reach. Let me tell you IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this photo of Isaac and was thrilled at how well my layout turned out!
I can't believe Isaac goes to High School next year! He is growing so quickly but has and always will be my little softy with a smile that melts my heart.

Adam and Rebecca have really got a connection. They can be the best of friends one minute and the worst of enemies the next. But it never takes long for bridges to be mended.
Thanks Angela for giving us this latest release, never used in Australia before Carnival Ride papers. They are my new favourite!
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I love NEW PICS!!!

Last week I was thinking about what I would take to the retreat and I knew I needed new photos to get my mojo going. Fortunately for me Isaac and Adam provided some great action shots! So with the help of Janelle's thong (the one on her foot!) I painted and stamped with the thong as well as a Heidi Swapp demask stamp and yellow paint splashes, for a grunge look.
I picked up the large title rub-on from the recent paper expo and just love how well it suits the look.

The chipboard cogs are from ScrapMatts which I also bought at the Expo.
The boys loved their layout and both debating on who's album it goes into. Hmm I'm thinking it'll go into the family album!
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I just thought I'd share

While I was at the Daisychain retreat I got to catch up with a couple of lovely girls, Heidi and Teniele (sorry if I spelt your names wrong!). These girls make the most beautiful cards! I'm not real flash at making them and they were kind enough to let me copy some of their work. Thanks girls! Mmmwaaah! This dragonfly I am thrilled to say I made myself (copying Heidi's one of course!) but it was so easy and came out beautiful! I guess it helps when you've got some talented to copy.
Here's a closeup of that awesome dragonfly.
A simple but very cute Thankyou card. I used some old Crate paper and just love the colours in it. It just shows that you shouldn't give away the old stuff coz you don't think you'll use it. I have to say that i am totally in love with making cards!
This is a card that Heidi made and gave to me. Isn't she lovely! The little flower clip will actuall come off the card and you use it as a book or page marker. How cool is that?
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Okay, one more share!

So I'm on a blogging roll tonight! I made this layout the other day and am really happy with the way it turned out. It's the first time I've used onld sheet music and I have to say I GET IT!!! It really does give a page a completely different feel.

So that's it for me tonight! I hope you've enjoyed visiting and I'll catch up with you next time I get some spare time to blog.
PS. Sorry I had to remove the pics! I'll put it back up once the page is pubbed!

Expo layouts

I have to admit to feeling a little intimidated when I (along with the onther Masters) was asked to create several layouts for the recent Paper Craft Expo. I guess it's one thing to have my work in a magazine and then another to have people see it irl! And it was little nerve racking seeing and hearing people comment on your work, but at the same time it was fun to see my work up on display.

I finally played around with my puff paint! Yeah! I just love how this stuff grows in front of your eyes when you heat it up! Totally cool!

I love these trees from Collections. And I finally got to use my heidi Swapp ribbon mesh and chandelier crystals!

Sheesh it's hard to believe Sariah is 14 now, especially considering I only a few months ago scrapped her 13th birthday! Time really flies!
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Finally I get time to blog!

Ya know between dental visits and doctors visits and Stephen being away with work this whole blogging thing is proving hard to keep up with!
But as I promised (yes I know, weeks ago!) here are some layouts. These are a few that I made for classes at Embellished.
I thought I'd put a bit of a different spin on my tree so I cup some prima flowers for the leaves. I think the effect looks pretty cool!
You know how ya buy something and proudly put it on your scrapping shelf, only to forget that it's there? Well I bought a couple of sets of Heidi Swapp lettering stamps last November and only last month remembered them! I have to say, I love them! They are perfect for those layouts that need a larger than normal title. I've used them in the top page and the page below.

Sariah is great at taking her own pics. The fact she uses MY camera only makes it all the more easier to get my hands on the photos! Ya gotta love it!
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I haven't forgotten to blog!!!

A big hid-ee-ho! No I haven't forgotten to blog but rather been inundated with home life since returning from Daisy Chain in Nambour on Sunday night. Mum and I had a wonderful time with Barbi and the girls and my classes (going from the feedback I recieved) were very well recieved.
But I was very quickly bought thundering back to earth when I arrived home to Jacob, Sariah, and Isaac all complaining of really bad toothaches! Hmm, kinda makes ya wanne turn right back around and come home when the aches settle. So needless to say we were off to the dentist for all 3 of them Monday lunchtime! It turns out that Jacob has infected sinuses so his pain isn't dental (go figure!), Sariah had a filling (now I gotta tell ya, this girls would lay there all day and let the dentist drill! She even started freaking the dentist out a little coz she was so comfortable!) and Isaac had to be rescheduled for later in the arvo for either an extraction or root canal. We went for the extraction given that he really doesn't like the dentist (I guess that apple didn't fall far from the tree!). So there's Monday umm. . . GONE!!!
Tuesday was doctors appointments for Jacob! Fast forward to 9.30pm and just when I go to put my butt in my scrapping chair the phone rang and we had a bit of an emergency with my dad which led to an ambulance trip and a VERY LONG night at the hopsital which saw us all getting home at 3.30am. Wednesday I dragged my tired chunky butt out of bed at 6.30 and got the kids off to school then taught at Embellished. Today I cleaned (including folding the Mount Everest of clothes that were piled up on the lounge!) I'm so proud of myself! lol! And then tomorrow I will be back off to the dentist with Jacob and Sariah and grocery shopping. And then Stephen, who has missed all this action on account of he went out of town on Monday and will arrive home tomorrow arvo! Pheeew, and who said life was boring!
Anyway, I promise to update tomorrow with pics and layouts, well that is once I have caught my breathe! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm teaching at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks in Nambour

I'm so excited to let you now that I'll be teaching at 2 classes at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks in Nambour on the 18th of July! I have to say that Barbi and the rest of the Daisy girls are just beautiful! Mum and I have attended their retreats for the past couple of years and can't help but keep going back not only for the "time out" but for the fabulous atmosphere that many have come to know at Daisy's. If you'd like to book in for my classes I know there are still a few places available so give Barbi a call and join us for a heap of fun!
This is a sneek peek of the OTP we'll be doing in the afternoon. It's something special for the home. Actually, this is a reminder that I have to visit Bunnings for some supplies for the class!
And this is a sneek peek at the layout we'll be doing in the morning. Lots of fun with acetate and felt. Hope you can come along for the fun!

A little layout sharing

I thought I'd share a few more of my layouts with you. Some have been taught as classes at Embellished and others are just my own home scrapping. I hope you enjoy!
The above layout was created using a new Crate Paper range. I think it's pretty safe to say that the orange tree paper is current paper!
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Feeling inspired

There's nothing quite like the excitement of building a new home to get the creative juices flowing! I bought these four rooster plaques from Spotlight about 5 years ago for $1each with the fullest of intention of hanging them up somewhere in the house, but clearly it was another one of those purchases that never went were it was intended and instead ended up in the back of my craft supplies cupboard.
So feeling all inspired to create an otp I started digging around figuring there had to be something in the depths of the great abis (that is my craft cupboard!) and bingo, there they were, just screaming for a little creative influence! So I've created a LOVE plaque that will either hang as you see them here or in a swag across the wall.

I just love it! Now don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm a creative genius or anything like that, but I just really like where they are going and the final finish of them. It seems like forever since I've gotten "crafty" so it was a real buzz.
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Girl

On a recent trip to Yeppoon Beach I was able to snap some pics of my oldest daughter Sariah. She is such a beautiful girl and apart from the usual, though not too often teenage attitude, she is a great source of comfort and support to me. I love her dearly and was thrilled to get these pics.
It's hard to imagine that she'll be 14 next week! She's growing into such a beautiful young woman and I'm extremely proud of her.

Exciting Op-Shopping!!

I haven't been into Vinnies in the longest time so I thought I'd have a poke through. I've had this urge to do a little off the page work and was so excited to find this cute little mirror and draw set, and it only cost $4!!! I was stoked! So now it's sitting in my scrapping area waiting for a little attention. I thought I'd do it up and give it to Sariah to use. I'll be sure to post the pics of the finished product.
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Friday, June 12, 2009

I found my MOJO!!!! Yipppeeeee!

After teaching at Embellished the other week I scooped up some of the new Crate Paper that had just arrived. ILOVE IT! I think it was just what I needed to get my mojo going again.

The poka dot scallops in the top layout are actually on a sheer background. I picked them up at the Expo and I'm kicking myself for not grabbing another one.

Ali also has just had a shipment of Autumn Leaves stamps which naturally I couldn't resist! I've used one of the border stamps around the edge of the cream centre (mmm, sounds so good I could eat it!). I think I have found my new favourite border stamp!

While I was chugging my way through the Expo crowd I found this cute chipboard border tree thingie and I had to have it! Once again, I'm kicking myself for not grabbing another! It's a very basic layout but I love that the photo is the main focus. The pic was taken by Sariah. She really has a talent for taking great pics of herself and others!

I really like this layout! As you can tell I'm quite the fan of those polkadot scallops! I even made a flower out of the scraps which left me feeling rather clever! Hannah is such a beautiful girl which makes scrapping all the more easier.
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Chat soon!


Paper Craft Expo in Brisbane

Mum and I had never been to the expo before and were really pumped to have the opportunity to attend. We had the chance I meet Kristy and Cassie from the mag. Scrapbooking Memories. These girls a lovely and are so easy to chat with! I'm super pumped about the up and coming things they have planned for the magazine.

So amid and hustle and bustle of the expo (and trust me there is ALOT of it) we attended 4 classes. We did 2 of Lynette Carrol's, 1 with Zoe Pearn and one with Nicole Farrell. I can't say I learnt anything different but I had fun being on the recieveing end of the teaching and playing with some beautiful products.

All in all it was we had a great time and I'm already planning on bringing Sariah (my oldest daughter) with us next year.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The new and improved EMBELLISHED site!!!

You girls have got to go check out the new EMBELLISHED website!!! Ali and Glenn have done an amazing job recreating the whole site. It's so user friendly, looks beautiful, competitions and prizes galore and loads of great inspiring scrappers to chat with and admire their work! You've got to CHECK IT OUT! Just click on the Embellished link and it'll take you right there. How easy is that?? Ooh and before I forget to mention it. . . Embellished Idol will be kicking off real soon so be sure and jump on board the Idol train to win some great prizes!

Ohh brother, I've discovered Stampin' Up!!

Yes girls, it's true. . . I've been struck down with the Stampin' Up virus! I attended a party at Embellished a few weeks ago and booked a parrty from that. My party was last weekend and was a total success! I love the SU products and the consultant Nicola A. was just great! We had so much fun playing with the products, munching on loads of yummy food and spending $$$$. I have already been told I need to book another party (which will be in about 6 weeks I'm thinking!). I've already had a play with the stamp set I ordered at the first party and thought I'd post the layout for you to check out.

"Mummy, the eggs are Cheeping!!!!"

The other day i was boiling eggs for the kids lunches when Hannah excitedly calls me over to the simmering pot exclaiming "mummy the eggs are cheeping!" She was totally convinced there were baby chicks inside the eggs and was already devising a plan for keeping and hatching them. I spent the next 10 minutes or so explaining to her that there were no chicks and the eggs were still okay to eat! By the time the eggs were done all the kids had had their turn at listening to the eggs chirp. Trust me, THEY WERE CHIRPING!!!! It nearly put me off eggs completely! Kids can be so funny!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These are some of my newer layouts. . .

This layout is hot off the Embellished classroom floor!! Litterally!! I just taught this layout today!

I've been playing around with some paint on my backgrounds and I love the effect! I rarely scrap pics of myself but have to admit I am quite happy with how this layout came together.

During a recent day trip to Yeppoon Main Beach I snapped some really cool shots of the kids in the water. I just love how they look like they could walk forever!

Now anyone who knows Adam knows how much of a bundle of energy he is and how crazy the sounds that come out of him are! When I came across this jumbo pack of playing cards at my local IGA I just knew what I'd use the joker card for!

When Ali got the new Marakech (yes Ali I probably spelt it wrong! lol) papers in a few months ago I thought it'd be cool to use for our Christmas holiday pics. I really get a buzz out of piecing a bundle of pics together in a double layout.

I'll be sure and share more soon. Thanks for taking the time to pop on by.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally coming through with my promise of layouts!

So I totally stink at getting on and updating! I get it! Here are some layouts I have made over past few months, either for classes at Embellished, Scrapbooking Memories or personal. I'd put some of newer ones on only everything I have created recently has been for either the shoppe or the magazine. Maybe tomorrow I might surprise you all and put something newer up!

Above are classes that I prepared for Embellished. Below is a card and layout that I did as a product challenge for Scrapbooking Memories.